Who We Are

Black Girls Meet Up (BGMU) is a group dedicated to cultivating spaces for the being of black women.

What We Do

BGMU provides opportunities for black women to connect, come together, and empower each other.

Why We Exist

At the core of BGMU is recognizing the need and importance of black women having self care spaces that are free from the emotional burdens we often carry during our daily lives. In an urban context, these homeplaces have always been a crucial aspect of our communities and have often provided respite from the difficulties of navigating our double minority status as black folk and women. Unfortunately, as cities grow and develop, these spaces are under attack. Not only has their value gone unrecognized, they have been physically destroyed or dismantled to make way for newer, modern, and trendy development. BGMU brings black women together throughout the city of Richmond,VA and beyond as a form of resistance to the dismantling of our spaces and in an effort recreate our homeplaces.